What is Chromebooks Today?

Chromebooks Today is a weekly podcast dedicated to the discussion of Chrome OS news and views.

We also highly recommend checking out the GigaOM Chrome Show, another weekly Chrome podcast.

Stuff we use to make the show

We rely on a bunch of stuff other people have built in order to make Chromebooks Today. Here's a selection.

  • Recording is done using Google Hangouts and a dedicated machine running Ubuntu.
  • Audacity is used to add our intro and cut the audio down to length.
  • Our awesome podcast intro was created by Awwyeah on Fivver.
  • Auphonic is used to automagically adjust the audio levels.
  • MP3Tag is used to add the proper meta data to our finalized MP3 file.
  • Archive.org hosts all of our MP3 files, while Youtube serves as our embedded player.
  • Miniblog makes our website easy to maintain.

Get in touch with us!

We love our fans. If you hear something on an episode and have something to add (or correct), please feel free to send us an email: hello@chromebooks.today