Episode 1: Release and Revise
Episode #1 - March 4, 2015

Episode Notes

The Chrome OS update strategy is release and revise. This week the crew discusses a new testing community, a major stable channel update, and takes an in-depth look at the merit of reader mode for Chrome.

Main Topic

Distiller(Reader) Option in Chrome: Does Google even want this?

  • Blog/Article ads are completely removed.
  • Where does Google stand on their own browser having a native feature that removes these ads?
The DOM Distiller(Reader Mode) - via Francois Beaufort

"The DOM Distiller is an exciting open-source project created by the chromium team whose goal is to provide a better reading experience by distilling the content of the page. Yes, we're talking about Reader mode here: a mobile-friendly viewing mode for Chrome mobile but not only" - Francois Beaufort
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Episode Cast

  • Craig Tumblison
  • James Welbes
  • John Oliphant