Episode 2: Pixel Perfect
Episode #2 - March 12, 2015

Episode Notes

Google grabbed headlines this week with the introduction of a revised Chromebook Pixel. We discuss the new Pixel along with a new Chromebox from Acer, a way to track which apps are draining your battery life, and some sad news from GigaOM.

  • GigaOM has spun down their servers, and may be taking the GigaOM Chrome Show with them - via GigaOM
  • Acer's New Chromebox Has 4K Support, 4th-gen Intel Core i3 and 8GB RAM for $399 - via Chrome Story
  • How To See Which Apps and Websites Are Wasting Your Chromebook Battery - via OMG! Chrome!

Main Topic

A brand new Chromebook Pixel has been released, and it packs a punch.

  • Here is the New Chromebook Pixel. A Lot More Awesome, Starts At $999 - via Chrome Story
  • Everything You Need to Know About The Chromebook Pixel 2 - via OMG! Chrome!
  • [Review] Google’s new Chromebook Pixel: Improved in all the right ways - via Kevin Tofel

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Episode Cast

  • Craig Tumblison
  • James Welbes
  • John Oliphant